Our Pest Control division ensures a quality, expert service. Our reputation ensures the best possible service for both commercial and domestic premises for all pest problems, such as Feral Birds, Rodents, Flying and Crawling Insects, Ants and other pests.
We are specialists in all types of pest and vermin control, including infestations of rats, mice, insects, and birds.

Pest Infestations:

Whether crawling insects, rats or mice-pose a serious risk of contamination, infection and of prosecution under the Health and Safety At Work and Food Safety Acts. With ACM three stage-programme, you don't have to worry.


Our Early Warning System provides strategically-located monitors in action 24-hours a day. Knowledgeable technicians will also make regular visits to your premises, leaving you with all documentation necessary for environmental health officers.


If evidence of an infestation is found. You can rely on ACM for a prompt and effective elimination service. We use the most up to date techniques and procedures, along with safe pesticides to solve the problem- all carried out to strict guidelines by qualified technicians.


We offer a range of proofing systems to guard against future invasions of pests. Our skilled technicians will advise you how you can minimize the risks to your premises-and your business.

Dead Animals:

We offer an excellent service for the removal of any type of dead animal.